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Company Info

We work with administrators, coaches and student bodies to create acceptable wear that reflects the colors, styles  and performance materials that will help in creating sense of unity needed in sports uniforms, practice gear and spirit wear. These programs developed by Kensington Valley Varsity are perfect for administrators and coaches that need to control a district sense of style for all the grade levels and programs.

We use national clothing manufacturers and distributors that follow international codes of ethics for employment and child safety materials for colors, dyes and fabrics so that your children are safe.  All of our materials are UL and TUV listed for safety within the United States.

We use computer aided designs for your insignias and logos with the latest in vector design software that can provide rapid changes and color shading. Our manufacturing abilities include all the latest techniques in Silkscreening, Embroidery and Printing for both single and volume orders.

With our "Give Back to Students" program, we serve the school system by using your schools colors, logos and styling to bring money back into the school from purchases made by alumni, parents, students and student groups that use our Web Portal.   

The advantages in using Kensington Valley Varsity Inc. for school districts are as follows:

1. Administrators can view the revenues returned to the school for district, school, sport and team purchases.

2. Coaches can create team rosters by position and assign numbers and track the orders.

3. Coaches, Volunteers and Parents are now removed from responsibility and liability of collecting money and
   distributing purchased materials.

4. Parents and students can make purchases in the comfort of their home.

If your district would like to know how we can bring our programs to your school then contact us at 810-227-6800 and ask about the "Give Back to
Students" programs.

Kensington Valley Varsity Inc. also has a large part of its work supporting business wear and uniforms for Restaurants, Sales Teams and other
service companies that require the look of success and performance for your organization.  From food services to hospitals, whatever the industry, have
Kensington Valley Varsity Inc. help create the look you want for success.

Kensington Valley Varsity Inc. located in downtown Brighton.
Your one stop for varsity jackets, silkscreening and embroidery for all your school apparel, work garments and team gear!